Friday, March 18, 2016

Miniature Pencil-Shaped Plumb Bob with Brass Winder

Sometime after the discovery of graphite in the 16th century, an early version of the pencil was produced in Italy by hollowing out a stick of wood to insert a graphite stick. Sound familiar? The essence of the pencil has not changed very much. It's utilitarian nature and sleek design inspired us to create a miniature brass version that is also a working plumb bob. 

This hand-crafted pencil shaped brass plumb bob is the smallest of our designs to date. It measures just 1/2" from cap to tip. It has a steel tip and a brass winder. We have one in our Etsy shop and can make more on commission. ‪ 

Tiny Pencil Shaped Brass Plumb Bob with Steel Tip and Brass Winder