Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miniature Mining Plummet Lamp Plumb Bob

Here is a finely crafted and unique machinist-made Miniature Mining Plummet Lamp Plumb Bob with a working Oil Lamp suspended in a Gimble Mount.

It was crafted with extreme attention to detail to match a rare full size example of this type of Plumb Bob. 

This miniature version weighs approximately 2 ounces including the hook, chain, and yoke.

It measures exactly 2" from the top of the cap that covers the tiny wick to the end of the steel tip.

This is the third in a series of finely crafted miniature plumb bobs.

A view of the Miniature Miner's Plummet Lamp Taken Apart

This tiny mining plummet lamp plumb bob was hand made with care in my Vermont workshop.   

A Beauty!
This is your chance to own tomorrow's classic, today!
If you would like to commission one of these for your own collection, please contact us at davidhalemfa at yahoo dot com.

SIZE: Measures 2" from top to bottom
WEIGHT: Approximately 2 ounces

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