Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mining Plummets

To meet the challenge of bringing enough working light into a mine, an underground surveyor of yore made use of a mining plummet: a hollowed out plumb bob filled with lamp oil and a wick. While the work was dangerous, the ingenious design produced a fascinating tool.

From my machinist perspective I've spent time studying the mining plummet and recreated this piece in miniature in my workshop. This is a working plumb bob and comes with a wick - though it is designed to be a collector's item. 

It measures just over 2” from cap to tip and weighs in at 2 ounces including the hanging chain.

The body is approx ¾” diameter and the gimble ring is 1” in diameter.

It is now for sale in my ETSY STORE

For more information about mining plummets and their German and American variations, we refer you to the excellent online newsletter, Wolf's Plumb Bob News. Edited by Wolfgang Ruecker, it is dedicated to all things plumb bob. This link will take you to Issue No. 03 that focuses on Mining Plummets.   

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